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Female Personal Trainer, 24
Calgary, AB, Canada
Male Personal Trainer, 42
St Catharines, ON, Canada
Female Personal Trainer, 28
Calgary, AB, Canada
Male Personal Trainer, 46
Toronto, ON, Canada
Male Personal Trainer, 16
Calgary, AB, Canada
Male Personal Trainer, 37
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Welcome to Athletismo. we are committed to moving our Canadian communities toward a healthier, fitter and more active way of life. Start your quick search & find the right Personal Trainer for you.


Our extensive search options will guide you to find the right Personal Trainer for you. View by locations, classes, spoken language and certification information for Personal Trainers who can help you get into shape.


Here at Athletismo, we pride ourselves by offering Canadians with the number one online directory of professional personal trainers. You can browse by location and other extensive search options so you can find the perfect personal trainer that fits in with your schedule, finances and help you establish your health life goals.
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